healing children of problems, spiritual root cause, advanced energy healingHealing children of their problems is a challenge for any parent. Most parents face healing issues on the physical almost weekly from scraped knees to colds and driving their children to therapies for a multitude of brain and nervous system integration problems. Mental stress, emotional concerns are common, too, but what about soul level issues? How do we as parents begin healing children of their problems that are soul conflicts?

The Big Question

Do I have the right to choose energy healing on my child’s behalf? The short answer to the question is YES, and we are going to explain why. We’re talking about the SPIRITUAL concern(s) children have on the level of soul. Spiritual issues are typically about seeing ghosts, ancestors, other multidimensional beings and more. Again, this is about asking the question: What is the “right thing to do” when a child has a soul level root cause to a problem? In society, the general rules are that we want a child to be mature, lucid, conversational and cognitive to heal their spiritual issues. But what if the child is a newborn or toddler barely able to walk or talk? To help you understand this important spiritual issue here is an actual case. [Scroll down to read more.]

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Healing Children of their problems, spiritual root cause, advanced energy healingA Case of Night Terrors In A Toddler

One of us had a client whose toddler was experiencing night terrors. The mother didn’t find answers with the pediatrician and turned to us. The root cause was spiritually based, not physical, mental or emotional. The recommendation was to work on the level of soul and heal the conflict that the soul was carrying. The mother mentioned this to a close friend who cautioned her against energy healing for the child stating concerns that it should be up to the child to do this kind of work when they are older and can get the soul lessons. This naturally brought up fears in the mother about her right to choose energy healing on her child’s behalf.

What are we really talking about now, in healing children of their problems with spiritual issues, is inside energy healing although much of the energy healing can be remotely or in person. Many times, as advanced energy healers, we are supporting the child’s healing process through the request of the parents. Some parents wonder if they have the right to choose on behalf of their child this type of healing modality and we want to give an in-depth answer to this important question.

What Were The Fears Of The Friend?

First, let’s look at the fears the friend was trying to express. The friend was talking about push energy, which can suppress the root cause and create other problems. Push energy is a forcible effort to make a problem go away as fast as possible. An example of this could be putting protection energy around the child to suppress awareness, interaction with energies; moving out scared energy without addressing the root cause, or trying to energetically cap the root cause from coming in –none of which is helpful. Second, the friend was deeply concerned about the child’s soul being “fixed” without the soul getting the opportunity to come from a place of sovereignty or emancipated choice a.k.a. “highest good”.

What Are The Parent’s Choices?

Logically, the first two choices are quite simple. There are physical medicine and non-physical medicine for healing children. Physical healing modalities can be medication, herbs, homeopathy, supplements, magnets, amber necklaces, hugs and massage to name a few. The other choice is non-physical healing modalities or advanced energy healing which are non-touch, often remote or done-at-a-distance without the person being present and have no form per se. These can be anything from prayers, positive visualization, family or medical constellations, self-empowerment tools for self-healing, energy clearings and a whole lot more. The parent’s next choice can be any combination of the two modalities.

Risks of the Do-Nothing Approach

The parents always have the choice to do nothing about a soul level root cause, but the risk for sending a child into coping mechanisms is too great in our honest opinion. All people experience profound needs to clear uncomfortable feelings out of their body. When they do not get relief for those feelings, they turn to other ways to stabilize their experience. This is when “bad habits” form. It can be thumb sucking or whining in little children; introverted/avoidance mindfulness or explosive and aggressive behaviors in older children; smoking, sex, drugs, and alcohol in teenagers and adults. All ages can turn to food –especially ones with sugar, to assuage the uncomfortable feelings in the body. When a soul conflict is not resolved, it manifests over and over again in a multitude of ways throughout the lifetime of the child. When the child is technically old enough to deal with soul level work, there will now be layers and layers of issues to go through to begin the healing process.

We Support Spiritual Sovereignty for the Parents and Child

  • we are NOT into fixing or forcing energy
  • our healing intention is that the experience is soft, gentle, organic
  • we teach and support self-empowerment for self-healing
  • we focus the soul on conscious choices that are available for self-empowerment/healing
  • we notice outcomes
  • we address energetic blockages and suppression energies
  • we believe healing children with advanced energy healing brings relief not more stress

When Parents Can’t Decide What To Do

In Family Constellation healing work we often seek and receive permission from the Great Ones who are bigger than the one receiving treatment. The Great Ones can be peers of the parents, grandparents and any great-grandparents in the system who will “sign off on” the work. The experience is one full of grace. This grace is transmitted to parents energetically, is always so welcome by parents and feels loving, supportive and nurturing to them. It fortifies them to stand in their power and listen to their Inner Guidance when choosing on behalf of their child. There are always Great Ones in a family lineage who are respectful and have positive regard for their little ones and they offer this to the children in their self-healing process.

We bring positive regard and respect to each soul we work with. We find that this form of self-healing provides a lifetime of learning and empowerment that can be applied to their lifetime (the child’s unique timeline). This is an incredible gift to give your child.

When we work at this level, we as parents and healers are doing what we call Divine Witnessing. We are showing the child that they can stand in their power or true nature and heal themselves. This is a respectful way parents can say to their child, “I believe in you and your body. I trust you can heal yourself. And I support you fully and completely. I let go of any attachment to the outcome and allow you to create the outcome you desire.” This is a true partnership between parent and child.

Healing Children: A Child’s Perspective

A young child once described his parents as an anchor to his sailboat. He wanted to hoist his sail and be free, but his parents brought so much weight to his boat that it sank. He wanted more expression, more trust from them about his body and what he could do to heal it. The weight he spoke about was their attachment to the outcome and their need for him to survive. Their fears were an anchor that restricted them from opening to possibilities of healing that may not have been known or tested. We love this example because it comes from the child’s perspective and reminds us to step into their experience and ask, “What would you like?” Their answers will always surprise you.

Healing children of their problems, spiritual root cause, advanced energy healingParents love the results that come from an advanced energy healing session. They witness their child move into their new experience at just the right pace for them.

If your child has been struggling to heal and physical medicine is not working, talk with us. We have a 15-minute complimentary consultation available and we can tune in and determine where the root cause lies for your child. We look at the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual energetic bodies among other things. During a full-length healing session, we look for their deepest soul conflict in relation to their symptoms and release it with them. Once the root cause is cleared up, the healing truly begins, and the healing time is shorter. Healing children with support from an advanced energy healer makes the process easy and speeds healing.

We are here to support parents healing children –the entire family really, stand in their true power and be conflict free on all levels, especially the level of soul.

Warmest regards,
Annie & Ashley