Our Mission

Our mission is to connect children and families develop skills in and the experiences of conscious awareness, conscious communication and collaboration in to our greater community with the utmost integrity, honesty and authenticity. Center for Conscious Kids is a sacred space where in which resources to support children across all domains of ages and developmental needs are provided through  scholastic, physical, cognitive and social-emotional venues and platforms. We steward these resources as they are intended to support the true expression of the Children within their own bodies, their families and their communities.

We find joy in creating this loving space to invite and inspire meaningful engagement, exploration and growth to conscious children and families all over the World.

We hope this process guides parents, caregivers and children to engage in the wonder and excitement of the world they choose to consciously create!


What is a Conscious Child?

A Conscious Child is a child who experiences the world with a deep relational sense to self, others and life circumstances. All children have experiences of multi-sensory perceptions and many see, hear and feel the more subtle energies around them which can create challenges to navigate the world around them. Multi-sensory children express tremendous compassion, love and unwavering commitment to the family and the world around them through their deep empathic abilities. Frequently, these children are perceived as highly sensitive, emotional, and wise beyond their years.

CCK Staff and Advisory Board