The Children’s Meditation Program

At Center for Conscious Kids we offer a multi-sensory approach in Meditation with our Children’s Meditation Program.   We hope for each child and their parent to develop their own inner awareness and guidance toolkit. Participants are likely to:

  • Gather inner knowledge confirmations
  • Gain conscious listening skills
  • Adventure inward to explore the inner self
  • Experience growing realizations
  • Develop vast space and peace inside and, like a butterfly, open to new growth

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“Children’s Meditation Program Presented By Center For Conscious Kids”  Please join us for a live session of the Children’s Meditation Program.  This program is designed for Children of all ages and their parents.  This month’s live webinar meditation is hosted by Ashley Lee and features Amanda Marie Masters.  Register and click HERE now:

When: December 16, 2018 10:30 AM Pacific Time LIVE Webinar

Investment for the whole the family:  $18
Topic: The Children’s Meditation Program presented by Center for Conscious Kids called

Mindfulness Meditation for Children with Amanda Marie Masters

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About Our Featured Speaker:

Amanda Marie Masters is a Spiritual Practitioner, Author, Speaker, and Design Your Life Expert who has been featured as a spiritual expert on TV for her energy work and is considered a leader in her field. Amanda’s primary focus of interest is working with both conscious women and conscious moms to help understand their children and provide tools for conscious children and rediscover themselves as an important part of our global community whether the children are still in the home or have flown the nest.

She has a featured Conscious Living Podcast, titled Connecting Conscious Children on iTunes or Sound Cloud, plus in video on the Center for Conscious Kids YouTube Channel.


Our Vision and Purpose

Our purpose is to bring Meditation to children around the globe.  We do this because meditation for children and families can create a sense of inner self, limitless potential in the vastness, and a sense of connection to ourselves, others and our circumstances.

What do these benefits develop in the youth?  They develop:

  • Trust
  • Compassion
  • Self-love
  • Confidence
  • Self mastery skills
  • Inner Energy Flow Awareness
  • The ability to see multiple perspectives
  • Awareness of their inner world
  • The ability to focus better
  • The ability to relax
  • Awareness of their breath as a gift and a tool
  • Body spatial awareness
  • The ability to go to the calm space within themselves
  • A successfully researched tool that lowers stress and blood pressure
  • The ability to flow in life with fewer judgments replaced by calm neutrality


Who we are as Facilitators of the Children’s Meditation Program:  

At,  we assist children of all ages (fetal through young adult) and their families develop self awareness skills through a multi-sensory meditation platforms and experiences.  Our team has been supporting children’s development of self skills for over 35 years.  Discover the Services Provided by our Practitioners and Facilitators of the Children’s Meditation Program.  

We support the United Nations Global Goal 3 of Good Health and Well Being through the offerings of the Children’s Meditation Program.