Epigenetic Changes and Sound Healing

By Cayce Connolly, MB (ASCP), CGMBS


It was once thought that your genes determine your fate, but research is telling us it is the EXPRESSION of those genes that determine your fate.  Every human inherits 23 sets of chromosomes, one from each parent, that serve as the blueprint for your health. Lifestyles that are rooted in stress, anger, and chaos can have detrimental effects to a person.  In the case of a prolonged state of constant stress the body switches to a fight or flight mode and the sphincters and blood vessels of the body restrict. A cascade of chemical events is set off that can negatively impact the immune system.  A body in constant long-term stress state is more susceptible to small ailments such as colds to much more serious and potentially life-threatening conditions such as cancer. Small doses of stress are actually good for us, but it is when we can’t seem to come back to a place of peace and calm that ailments begin to snowball.

Scientists have come to accept that lifestyle and emotion have more of an effect on your health than your genetics do.  This concept is called “Epigenetics” and refers to influences that determine which genes will be turned on and off, or in some cases turned up and down like a light dimmer.  Research has shown that when a person is experiencing love and gratitude then the body has the best chance of protecting itself. In this state the mind doesn’t perceive any danger and allows equilibrium in the body all the way down to the molecular level.  The body intuitively knows the most balanced expression of all genes, all we must do is give it the chance to do its job without limitation. This is achieved by having a daily practice of being silent and centered as well as having all thoughts, words, and actions come from a place of love and kindness.  

I have been a Molecular Geneticist, specializing in cancer, for 10 years now in laboratories across America.  No matter where I go, I see the same scenario repeatedly in adult cancer patients. The picture starts with a person getting in a negative state of being such as being stressed or angry and staying there continuously for a prolonged amount of time. Overtime buildup of stress hormones such as cortisol start to express themselves as disease. Once these individuals get diagnosed, the patients who are optimistic and follow their doctor’s treatment advice, can enhance their recovery outcome with practices such as meditation, yoga, and acupuncture.  The patients who approach their disease in this way respond better to treatment and recover faster. Also, this is the category of patients that has the longest survival rate after cancer treatment is complete. These patients also run a lower risk of cancer coming back unexpectedly in the future.

I am currently a master’s degree candidate in two programs with the intention of remixing the disciplines together in a whole new way.  On one hand I am studying Molecular Diagnostics and on the other I am studying Consciousness and Integral Health. The 1st experiment I have planned to bring the 2 worlds together is to do epigenetic testing on people before and after the crystal bowl sound healing sessions.  It is my hypothesis that systems in the body such as heart rate and brain waves can be matched to sound waves and allows the body to transition into a relaxed state.  I will then do genetic testing on saliva samples from people before and after a sound healing to detect if any epigenetic changes that took place. It is my understanding that allowing the body to relax and attune to the frequency of the bowls will have an immediate measurable effect on gene expression.


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