Medical Constellations are enormously useful in identifying the root cause of an illness and releasing it so that healing shifts into high gear. In our podcast together, Ashley Lee and Annie Kolatkar talk about how you can unravel your medical condition through non-physical medicine using Family and Medical Constellation therapy. [Scroll down to keep reading.]

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Medical Constellations – A Profound Way To Release Your Health Problem

For those of you unfamiliar with Family Constellation therapy or Systemic Family therapy it is practice in which root cause for pain and suffering in the family soul is offered a re-solution. This re-solution is offered to the ancestor with the problem and the client who is entangled with their ancestor. This work heals separation problems caused by conflict and unifies family members so that peace, happiness and health are restored. A medical constellation uses the Family Constellation therapy format, but instead of looking at the entanglement per se, we interview the body part that is injured or ill and the Mind, Body and Soul connection. Often, the illness is the voice for a conflict in the family or within the client and once it speaks, the client can learn what was in their unconscious thoughts and release it. Medical Constellations can be done one-on-one over video conferencing or with a group of representatives working the constellation together. For experienced clients, this work can be done over the phone.

A medical constellation is a form of non-physical medicine and advanced energy healing occurs for anyone who wants to release their symptoms and shift their body into optimal health. It works on the level of the soul and is disseminated down into the physical body.

Who Would Enjoy Medical Constellations?

Everyone!!! From those in the womb to those about to transition out of their body. There is no limit to what can be investigated in the body and mind. We have worked with couples trying to have babies and looked at low sperm count and ovarian cysts –even embryos in petri dishes. We’ve worked with cancer patients, people with allergies, prostate and thyroid problems, shingles, auditory and sensory processing problems…you name it, we’ve look at it. There is no end to what you can look at and this includes alternate lifetimes (other incarnations), multidimensional aspects of ourselves and even testing of food and remedies in a blind fashion to learn how a person responds to each one.

The process usually takes 90-minutes to two-hours depending on the depth of the problem. Results vary since we are working on the level of the soul and it really depends on the person. However, we find that children are the fastest to shift and change because they don’t know we are working on them and they don’t have a load of baggage, which means they don’t have a lot of ingrained beliefs. Next, people who are able to have trust and faith in the absence of proof are the next group to really benefit. All that being said, some of our most left-brained clients who tend to analyze everything have had some of the most profound shifts because the constellation made so much sense to them.

What’s Going On In The Medical Constellation Healing Space?

Healers hold space for their clients to heal while they work together. They bring their consciousness to the session, so the higher their consciousness, the better the chance you have of raising your frequency in your body to one of health and wellness.

One thing that we do is set an intention with our clients about what they want. We help them understand that not only are they intending to have their health back, they are seeking a highly desired experience that has been absent with the symptoms. We’re talking about things like peace and serenity, happiness or joy. This is the first layer that we start with. Here is an article we wrote about this subject.

The next level of holding space is about what we bring into the healing space, where we do the work. In a Medical Constellation (and Family Constellation) Annie sets up the Knowing Field (healing space) for Spontaneous Healing so the client is in that space the entire time she is facilitating, even if they are halfway around the world. She also holds space for their deep connection with Inner Guidance which is connection with their Enlightened Self who is without a shadow side.

Connecting the DotsMedical Constellation, Family Constellation, Advanced Energy Healing, Annie Kolatkar, Mysterious Illness

Every constellation has a multitude of points and people that are present and those are the dots Annie connects together to reveal the story for the client. A dot might be:

  • an emotion that comes up in one of the representatives in the constellation –something that never got expressed in the family. Some children take on their parent’s anger or anxiety in an unworkable attempt to try and fix it. For example, maybe a mother’s anger never got expressed and it could be the root cause of her child’s health problem or emotional problem. When the mother owns the emotion and the child gets the update they can let go the need to a.) see it and b.) express it for the mother.
  • an event could be significant in a constellation, such as loss of a home, divorce or a miscarriage. In one constellation story, a woman who was deaf in one ear started to hear crackling noises in the deaf ear during the constellation. It was then she recalled that as a very young child she accidentally overheard her parents discussing their recent miscarriage and they immediately stopped talking about it when they noticed her playing in the next room. They actually said, “Shh, stop talking about it, we don’t want her to hear.” Well, she had heard it and felt love and loyalty to her parents along with some guilt and unconsciously turned off the ear that was closest to her parents.
  • a person could be the significant central point in a constellation because most of this work is about those who are lost, forgotten, cast out or denied their rightful place in the family system.

Medical Constellation, Family Constellation, Annie Kolatkar, Advanced Energy HealingInterested In Your Own Medical Constellation?

Constellations are wondrous, magical and fascinating events. People enjoy participating and learning. Everyone gets healing from it, even the guest representatives. The long term and wide spread positive effects are that the entire family, and not just the client, gets soul level updates. For example, if a client was entangled with their great-great-grandmother, the healing is available to every single family member of that great-great-grandmother and their descendants. This could be dozens or hundreds of people.

The love and support of your entire lineage is available for you to embrace in your experience. Often, the ability to access and utilize this love and support is blocked by negative experiences or ancestral entanglements within the person who is suffering a health problem. In every family are burdens of the soul that can be released. Our human bodies are wired for bliss, according to Dr. Candace Pert, PhD. Medical Constellations release the inherited burdens and suffering obligations of love that we carry so we can have and experience more bliss in our bodies.

If you are carrying past trauma, patterns from your ancestors, inherited conditions and/or the pain in the family, please know that all this can be released and brought into balance through Medical Constellation work. Your ancestors –these are your Great Ones, they want you to embrace life and all it has to offer, not carry the pain and trauma that has been passed down from one generation to the next.

Medical Constellations change the way we think and feel, which in turn changes our genetic expression. Our genetic expression carries beliefs and emotions and is said to be inherited from our ancestor’s experiences, such as “grandma’s depression”. These expressions are created by energy imprints on physical genetic material from parents and grandparents, but it does not have to be your expression.

Click here to book your own medical constellation today and experience advanced energy healing in a profound way. You will learn the unique root cause(s) for your health problem and release it. This work is very supportive for people undergoing treatments of all kinds.

Warmest regards,
Annie & Ashley

This is a photo of Annie Peterson-Kolatkar.Annie Kolatkar is an advanced energy healer and a master practitioner of family constellation therapy. She has 10-years experience in facilitating constellations of all kinds. From money and career issues, love and romance concerns to specializing in healing medical issues. As a medical intuitive Annie uses her profound psychic ability to discover and unravel the reason a patient is sick and unlocks the healing potential within them.