The Importance of Chiropractic Care for Kids by Dr. Tara Wassel of Ocean Wellness

Many people only equate chiropractors with fixing neck or back pain.  Because of this they are often surprised to learn that some chiropractors also treat infants and children.  The core principle behind chiropractic is to correct subluxations of the spine in order to promote optimal nervous system function and addressing this early in life can have a lasting positive impact on the structural health of a person.  The spine and cranium house the nervous system, which controls every function of our body.  Therefore, addressing subluxations in the spine has a widespread positive impact on both growth and overall health.  

Vertebral subluxations are subtle misalignments in the spine that lead to disruption of nerve impulses between the brain and body. Subluxations can occur during fetal development in utero, during the birth process or after birth.  These subluxations can also contribute to an atypical or immature development of the nervous system which can cause various developmental delays and chronic health issues. This means that maintaining a subluxation free spine is essential for optimum health!  Therefore, it is important that newborns and children be checked by a pediatric chiropractor to keep the spine subluxation free and ensure proper development of the spine and nervous system.

There is also more to work on with infants than simply correcting subluxations.  Common issues such as tongue tie, plagiocephaly, rashes, colic and reflux can all be addressed and treated.  Along with this, I work with the mother-child dyad to promote good nutrition along with comfortable and efficient breastfeeding.  This allows for this special time to be wonderful bonding experience between the mother and child and not a cause of anxiety or stress.

Pediatric chiropractors also work to ensure proper neurodevelopment throughout all stages of childhood.  As a child grows and develops, it is very important to monitor their developmental progression to make sure that they reach developmental milestones in a timely manner.  When these milestones are missed or not practiced for the appropriate amount of time, difficulties with academic, social, behavioral, and motor learning can occur later in life.  In addition to helping children avoid this scenario, specialized pediatric chiropractors can work with those who never received the proper treatment and are already struggling with these issues.  In my practice, for example, I use a very specific and individualized neurosensory integrative exercise program to help children with Neurodevelopmental Disorders such as ADD/ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Sensory Processing Disorder, dyslexia and learning disorders.

In my practice at Ocean Wellness in Solana Beach, CA, my treatment is comprehensive and patient specific.  Each treatment plan is custom tailored to the needs of each patient and includes gentle chiropractic adjustments and manual therapies, nutritional guidance and supplementation, and an individualized neurosensory integrative exercise program.  Through this combined focus, I promote healing, re-establish balance in immune and nervous systems and promote proper development of neuropathways essential for both learning and motor function.  By addressing all areas that may be contributing to developmental delays and/or neurodevelopmental disorders, I help my patients attain the greatest level of neurological function so that they can reach their maximum potential physically, academically and socially.  This hands on approach provides a drug free option for promoting proper learning, good behavior, emotional stability and a healthy immune system all without the risks of unwanted side effects from medication.

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