Ear infections in a child can be distressing to the whole family. When a child is screaming because of an acute earache, all sense of balance and harmony goes out the window and we are desperate for relief. It’s the perfect time to consider homeopathy for ear infection for faster healing in your child.
What Causes Ear Infection:
Ear infection is the most common cause of earaches, mostly in the middle ear, it is also known as otitis media. The middle ear is connected to the respiratory tract. Often when there is a common cold or flu or respiratory illness, or allergy, the germs can climb through the nose and the sinus cavity into the inner ear causing inflammation and infection.
The space behind the nose to the Eustachian tube is supposed to be clear and dry. When it is not well-ventilated, warm and humid and clogged, it becomes a fertile ground for infections.
According to statistics in WebMD ear infections are the most common reason for trips to the pediatrician, accounting for 30 million doctor visits per year in the US. today half of all antibiotic prescriptions written for children is for ear infections.
What Are Your Options:

According to the CDC “antibiotics are not effective to help treat many ear infections”.

Many parents and health professionals are concerned about too many antibiotics, the side effects of antibiotics like diarrhea, thrush etc and the potential of antibiotic resistance. So many doctors are adopting the stance of wait and watch.
What are the choices for a parent when you notice your child has a tendency to ear infections or when your child starts to display the first signs of an inflammation in the ear, such as pulling on their ear?
What can Homeopathy Do?

Homeopathy for ear infection has been researched and proven to be highly effective in ear infection patients.

Homeopathy is natural, gentle, holistic. It uses substances found in nature. It dilutes a natural substance several times or several hundred times. When someone takes a homeopathic medicine or remedy, it creates a small wave or impetus in the immune system to heal itself.

Homeopathy for Ear Infection
Homeopathy for Ear Infection
Some of the symptoms of an ear infection:
• Fever
• Heat in the ear
• Redness in the outer ear
• Severe pain in the ear
• Hearing difficulties
• Discharge fro the ear
• Sore throat
What does a homeopath look for in the case of an ear infection or earache?
• Was there a cold or flu before the ear infection
• Was there emotional upset or is it the anniversary of an emotional upset
• Are there multiple ear infections in your child’s life
• Does the child have a suppressed immune system
• Are there allergies in your child or your family
• What are the genetic pre-dispositions your child carries.
Three Tips for Parents for Homeopathy for Ear Infection
1) Have a variety of remedies on hand such as:
a. Cell salt – Ferrum-Phos 6x to give at the onset of any childhood inflammation (5 pellets in warm water) repeat daily
b. Pulsatilla 30C for clingy children, hard hearing, discharge (thick, offensive)
c. Chamomilla 30C for extreme pain, wants to be carried, angry from pain
d. Hepar Sulph 30C for extreme sensitivity to touch and pain
e. Aconite 30C for sudden onset, after exposure to cold wind
2) Put the remedy in water and take a teaspoon every hour. After 5 doses with no response, go to the next remedy or contact your homeopath and primary care physician.

3) Try to avoid fever suppressants. Fever is the body’s natural method for killing pathogens. Consult your pediatrician what is a safe level of fever for your child. If your physician decided to place your child on antibiotics, get probiotics. Talk to your homeopath about clearing the side effects of the antibiotics and the energetic footprint of the pathogen, for example, Streptococcus.The right homeopathic remedy selected based on very individualizing symptoms works fast. From the moment it touches the mouth, it begins the healing process.

Homeopathy works in the acute case of an ear infection and it teaches the body that it can heal itself. In the case of a genetic predisposition to ear infections, it teaches the immune system  how to defend itself and not to be a host to pathogens that cause ear infections. In this way, it breaks the cycle of infections.

If you or your child has a history of reoccurring ear infections, it would be good to discuss how we can build your immune system, heal the body of past infection(s) side effects and root cause healing. Together we can clear the layers that created the ear infection root cause(s) and remove the elements that create illness in the body.

Homeopathy for ear infection, whether acute or chronic, will help create a healthier immune system long term.

To hear a podcast on Homeopathy for Ear Infections, please listen here. In this podcast with host Ashley Lee, RN, BSN, CCRN at Specialty Produce Network, I discuss how homeopathy is so effective that people get converted to this alternative medicine every time. It is safe, gentle, natural and supports the body’s natural healing process.

To your health and well-being,