Tune in by taking a Leap into your Consciousness!

Think of your body as a radio station and your consciousness (collective thoughts and emotions) as the songs being broadcast to yourself and others inside the relationships you have with yourself and others. For example, “me to myself” is how we relate to ourselves. When you choose to have a different or enhanced life experience, you may want to change the old song being played.

We are here to support you in accessing these “old tunes” in your unconscious mind that no longer support you, so that you can.

Change your tune, change your experience!

Hello, Inner Guidance

Leaping to inner guidance is now the next step in activating the inner navigation system we all have and are capable of tuning into.


What is Conscious Choice?

Conscious choice means that we are aware of the choices we can create. When we believe we can choose between two products, you are really choosing between two variables. Conscious choice means that we are making a choice about how we want to show up inside the relating with our self and others.

Relating simply means we are asking the questions, “how do I feel with myself?” or “how am I relating with other people?”

·        If you are in the middle of “I can never have what I want” when interrupted by someone who wants your time to talk, this potentially makes you go into an auto-response pattern of “I can’t talk right now, I’m too busy.”

·        If you are making conscious choice, you may notice “this person is struggling right now and I can go into conscious choice and help them.“ Now, you have a choice: help in the moment or elect the option to talk later versus reactionary thinking.

You are in the state of being aware the moment you recognize that you have a choice in the moment, to create change no matter what is occurring, from any direction or any person. Next, after understanding “who wants what and what they want” you can have perceptual awareness of your inner and outer environments. This awareness provides compassion with your self and others by being cognizant of everyone’s thoughts, understandings and desires.

A boy and his mother got stuck in traffic on the way home from school making the day long and tiresome. The mom was getting organized about what to feed the family for dinner when her son came in and asked for some chocolate cookies an hour before they would eat. The boy was tired, cranky and demanding the cookies. Rather than give in and react with impatience, the mom heard something in the tone of voice that made her stop and assess the situation. “Sweetheart, how was school today?”

“Oh, it was alright, I guess.” He answered her in a sullen tone. “My friend wasn’t there today and I didn’t have anyone to play with.”

“Ah!” said his mom, understanding that the chocolate cookies would provide dopamine and the sugar a short lift in his mood. They talked about his feelings and what he could do if his friend wasn’t at school tomorrow. “Are you really hungry or do you just want to feel better?”

“Well,” he said, as he looked down at the floor thinking about it, “my tummy hurts. I’m really hungry!”

“OK,” his mom replied, “how about I get you a small appetizer of carrot sticks and dip while I make dinner so your tummy won’t hurt so much over the next hour?”

“Sure,” he responded, “I’ll eat some carrots.”

Some people have difficulty connecting to the idea that they had to be “conscious to their choosings.” Every time they are confronted with demands, it is the equivalent of staring down a Bengali tiger, which sent them into fight or flight. Having consciousness problems with Time-, Perfectionism-, Obligation-, No Right to Have Needs As A Parent- Consciousness can create a missed opportunity to identify what the other person needs in the moment. As you release and heal consciousness problems you organically create more and more space for conscious awareness to empower you.

Be aware that you have choice regarding:

  • how you want to relate
  • how you would like to feel
  • how you would like to think
  • how you would like to be

Where Are Your Broadcasting Your Consciousness Inside Your Choices?

  • Inside a physical environment, some conscious choice relating responses could be technological such as using a phone, video, recording, texting (using emoticons and other forms of artificial intelligence).
  • Human body responses include tone, pace, intonation and oral languaging (the words you choose consciously or unconsciously) and non-verbal language such as sign or body language.
  • Multi-sensory information is always being exchanged…even telepathically or empathically.
  • Emotional responses are received, expressed and suppressed.
  • Being aware of multiple states of consciousness at one time.

Your consciousness, your song or tune is being transmitted in all these ways and more.

What Conscious Choice is Not

Conscious choice is not about variables, for example, choosing between different laundry soaps.

Nor is it about your reactions or automated responses to feelings and thoughts that are not conscious, meaning “you are not aware of what you are responding to” is not conscious choice. Certainly, these responses control your experience and diminish or extinguish the relating.

We have been trained from society to automatically create judgments about how something is or isn’t working. When we automatically react to that situation, was are responding from fear and demonstrate no trust and faith.

Difficulties to Obtaining Conscious Choice

  • If you believe that you never had a choice to choose how you would like to have something, be something or do something.
  • Maybe you are always in firefighting mode; triaging this problem to the next problem.
  • Consciousness problems that create discord and shut down inside the relating.

How to Live Conscious Choice Daily

Leaping all begins with conscious choice and being aware of the truth you have the opportunity to create the change you choose to create.

Here are three suggestions to support you moving into more conscious choice:

  • Begin by setting up your morning inside Gratitude. It will help you feel that your needs are being met, which will reduce your fight or flight response.
  • Decide in the moment of stress not to give your power away and choose peace instead of responding with a low frequency emotion or action.
  • How do you create your needs getting met?

If you want to be present to your conscious choice you need to learn how your needs are going to get met. It’s going to inspire you to try and make conscious choice if you know how your needs will be met.

  • Challenges to having conscious choice
  • Feeling stuck in your ways
  • Denial
  • Challenged by Time
  • Not believing in yourself
  • Feeling victim robs you of your choice every time
  • Consciousness problems

Inside the conversations we have with each other and our self, even if it is purely energetic, conscious choice can present challenges in the moment. With practice, you can be more aware and then choose how you want to show up and relate.

Conscious choice requires being aware of how we are inside the relating with our self and others. It also means that we can be aware of what blocks our ability to have and make conscious choice. We relate to our self differently when we know our awareness brought us to the door of choice and it is up to us to decide how we want to open that door and walk through it.

When there are consciousness problems compounding the ability to make choice one can feel extremely limited and stuck. The good news is that as you open to making conscious choice for yourself you begin to relieve the suppression on your power and think differently.

What Can This Book Do?
Leap of Consciousness helps you uncover what needs to change in order to illuminate the path to fulfilling your dreams, and it guides you on how to do that. Every time you change your tune, your inner light shines into and touches everything you do. The frequency of your light can create a 1:1 return. If you shine anger, anger can be returned to you. If you shine love, love is returned to you. Your light is your consciousness; heal your consciousness and you heal your life.

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