The Brain Integration Institute cordially invites you to experience a daily process that supports the unfolding of a spectacular life!

We’re talking about using gratitude to change your brain to change your life.

An Amazing Discovery
Ashley Lee, RN, BSN, CCRN  of Ashley Lee Healing, created this downright amazing morning practice of Gratitude with sprinkles of Self-Love.

Some people, even kids can really struggle getting up in the morning on the “right side of the bed”, so to speak. Many adults wake-up stuck in their to-do list, their “monkey-brain” circling the drain of doom and gloom, as worry, doubt and overwhelm set in before their feet hit the floor. Can you even imagine that?

When her clients were open and ready to try something new, she got them to rise and shine 10-minutes earlier at the start their day. Now they are doing this little, effortless process, while lying down in bed or with their kids as they wake them up.

They had been trying to summon up the energy to start their day, and when they started their day in gratitude, something phenomenal happened. They became centered, more grounded in the present moment (versus being concerned about doing the next thing… and then the next thing... and then the next thing!), which then allowed them to make clear choices for their day. They were more compassionate with themselves and others around them instead of being judgmental about things happening to them or others.

They learned they had choice to feel the way they would like to feel no matter what the situation. This is HUGE learning that changed their physiology! Why?

They reframed their brain and nervous system by connecting to their heart and whole being by bringing their emotional, mental and spiritual awareness to embody what was positive versus always being on guard to fix, negate, blame or deny the negative. Again, this is HUGE!!!

Change your brain change your life new brew to wake up your brain

Conscious Living Podcast Episode 63 – Change Your Brain, Change Your Life with the New Brew to Wake Up Your Brain!

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…. Connects us to our Hearts, our Passion and our Love for ourselves and the world around us!

TIP: Do this in-depth Gratitude Process in the first 10-mins of waking up in the morning and do it every time you feel down or “not yourself”!

1.  Gratitude.
1st – Notice a grateful aspect inside you and about you, something you can easily appreciate that you created in your own life.

2nd – Notice a grateful aspect in your life that is outside of you. This centers you in deep levels of compassion – for yourself, others and the world. When we are GRATEFUL, we are naturally THANKFUL and inside this feeling of thankfulness, we recognize our needs are met. When our needs are met, our attitude about Life opens to possibilities, we had not yet considered. When we feel satiated, whole and complete, we are peaceful and harmonious. Harmony organically improves brain function through the neurotransmitters and hormones.  Balanced brain function produces the physical feel-good feelings in your body through better brain chemistry.

2.  Notice what feels GOOD in your body.
When you FIRST look at what is Good, your brain is trained to focus on what your want vs. what you don’t want. Your “automated” thinking begins to make radical shifts from noticing what is positive in your Life from what your mind from negative was previous programmed in its thinking first. When we first, consciously choose to notice what is good… we will tend to give focused time and energetic attention to the good and this GOOD in your life opens and expands!

3.  Notice what does NOT feel good in your body.
Notice any of those parts that might be present in your awareness and listen to it, directly. Ask it what it needs…. it will tell you! Every single cell in your body has innate intelligence that you can access. Hear its call, give it love and nurturing, and then give it what it asks for or needs. Accurately addressing what is needed and correcting those imbalances leads to a balanced state of feeling good in your body. 

4.  What is your “Theme” or Emotional Centering Point that you can access at any time of the day?
You can create this because You are the Source of your Feelings and you create any feeling you desire – Good or Bad. If or when you are ever triggered through out your day, remember your Centering Theme. After you have let go the uncomfortable feelings and re-embody your chosen themed feeling, which guides to to deeper forms of resolutions to support you in solving the problems or conflicts you or others experience in your awareness; you now begin to resolve discordant relating through a centered feeling. Your chosen theme of the day gives you a centered point from which this re-frames your thinking from fear to love.

And that’s it! 4 simple things to adjust your thinking and then moving in to doing these practices while you are waking up.

This process is so easy, we have started teaching this to our young clients. We use the gratitude part to end our day before falling asleep. Ask your child or loved one, “What are you grateful for that happened today, inside you and then outside of you?”

Give yourself a week to notice what changes for you.

Please SHARE with us what you noticed here in the comments, via email or on our Brain Integration Institute Facebook. We love hearing from so many of you!

We’re here to help you change your brain and nervous system so you can have a better life experience. Give that “NEW BREW” a try tomorrow morning.

Cheers to a new you, each and every day,

Ashley Lee, RN, BSN, CCRN & Annie Kolatkar, Advanced Energy Healers

Founders of The Brain Integration Institute

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