Gage Oppenborn has been a lifeguard for four years since he was sixteen and has vast ocean safety experience from growing up at the beach. Gage has completed ten years of the Junior Lifeguard program before becoming a lifeguard in order to obtain a concrete background in ocean safety. The ocean can be a fun and rewarding experience for those who are safe and aware of the hazards to your everyday beach trip.


Beach Awareness

In CCK’s newest podcast, Gage and Ashley discuss warning signs of a rip current and what you should do if you find yourself in distress. Also discuss situational awareness;  where to set your stuff up, pertinent equipment and flags on the beach, and visible or perhaps not so visible obstructions in the water.


Beach Kindness

Additionally,  to being an aware beach goer. It’s important to understand that all individuals who take part in the beach or ocean experience should be thoughtful and kind to others on the beach. For those who have yet to see or experience the ocean, be mindful of others and locals on the beaches in California. Be wary of the natural forces that may be present at the beach that you decide to vacation and learn to understand the power and beauty that the ocean can be.


Always know your limit in the water, if you have any questions ask the on-duty lifeguard and a good rule of thumb:




Learn about Ocean and Beach Awareness with a local California Lifeguard with Gage Oppenborn in our featured Podcast!

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