At Life Refresh 3 Ministry (Life Refresh) we preserve the dignity of homeless women and girls living on the streets by supplying them with basic feminine hygiene supplies and other personal care items like soap and shampoo. This supports them on 3 levels: Mind, Body and Spirit.

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We currently help women in San Diego. Growth plans include Los Angeles which has more significant needs. We have to raise $120k a year to supply 1,000 homeless women in San Diego with basic supplies (tampons and pads).

Our mission is to become the recognized wholesaler of feminine hygiene supplies for other nonprofit organizations and volunteers to distribute to homeless women. This is a niche market that has not been fulfilled by any other nonprofit with this as their primary focus. Here and there across America, churches and scout organizations have done fundraising drives to raise awareness and menstrual supplies in one-time efforts. We have determined through talking with the larger, more established nonprofits who minister to the needs of homeless people from Los Angeles to the border in San Diego that this area of need is profoundly unmet and very much needed in all these communities.

Homeless Women Are Worth Investing In

We see and believe in the value of each homeless person we meet, especially the at-risk girls, their mothers and other women. We see that by meeting their personal needs and preserving their dignity, we enable them to stand in their power as human beings. This brings about healing for them on many levels.

We believe that when people view the homeless as potentially productive resources for humanity, we begin to see them as whole and they shift from being a “growing problem” to becoming an expanding contributor to society. This is something our society needs.

We are finding more and more individuals at other nonprofits who want us to supply them with product, which reinforces our belief that we need to be the wholesalers to support the shelters and other distributors of critical care items for the homeless so they can be clean, healthy and maintain their dignity. They, like us, believe in the potential of the homeless.

We have dedicated volunteers with high integrity, passion and energy to do this work.

You Can Save the Dignity of A Homeless Woman on the Street

We welcome with deep gratitude your insights and leads, sponsorship, time, energy and money.

With each meaningful collaboration, we want to send out a press release honoring the ones who support this amazing out reach to at-risk girls and women living on the streets. Win-win-win combos are hard to find but we believe everybody wins when hearts open to help preserve the dignity of our homeless brothers and sisters.

How many homeless women will you commit to, to preserve their dignity? Their intense gratitude will bless you forever!

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