Ashley Lee, RN, BSN, CCRN

Founder and Creator of The Center for Conscious Kids

Ashley LeeAshley is a leader in the field of Pediatric Energy Healing and pioneering ways to create an atmosphere where these children, their siblings and parents are able to exhibit their true selves, true nature and freedom of expression.

She is a medical intuitive with 28 years of Pediatric / Newborn Critical Care nursing who demonstrates expertise in a deep understanding of advanced human physiology, and a gifted voice in the realm of pediatric consciousness. As a multidimensional physical and emotional empath, she gives a voice for how her clients are feeling. She is an enthusiastic advocate that her client’s needs are honored appropriately.

As an expert, the majority of her practice sees the highly conscious sensitive children and adults and designing programs so that these children and their families can thrive in typical community activities. She is a pioneering educator for parents and the public to the needs of highly sensitive children. She has a unique approach in guiding you and your family to view pathogens, toxins and sensitivities in a whole new way of healing your body. Her unique presence and gifted ability to teach you and your children how to advocate and heal yourselves.


Keri Woodward, AS

Program Director – The Center for Conscious Kids

Keri Woodward

Growing up in the South Bay in Los Angeles, Keri was exposed as a teenager to a more conscious path through a deep connection with yoga, Reiki and other sensitive arts.

Balancing that was her pursuit in a degree in animal sciences, and working with, supporting and caring for horses in Olympic campaigns. After the birth of her daughter in 2009, Keri has found her focus turned from the equestrian arts, and more towards the growth and development of children.

The challenges she has found in consciously raising and homeschooling her daughter have brought to her awareness the need for more resources, community and schools that are attuned and directed towards helping children tune into their own awareness, consciousness and well being.

Keri continues her own journey of conscious awakening through practice and working with several wonderful spiritual and energetic guides and healers.