Kim Tebbutt has been Co Creating with the Angelic realm for 30 years. She delights in bringing their messages of Love, Light, Healing and Service to people she meets in conversations, her book and Angel Readings.  She enjoys bringing messages of the Divine Grace that is within each of us, as one by one, we all awaken to the infinite possibilities of living in Heaven on Earth.

She is an Indie Author/Publisher at Divinelovepublishing.ca.  Her first book in the Divine Love Legacy Series is “7 Billion Angels Whispering We Love You” a precious children’s book about our Guardian Angels, which is available on Amazon.  She’s currently working on a Water Blessing Anthology book.

Kim has been facilitating Sacred Water Blessing every month on the 11th at noon for over 5 years either by a pond, lake or ocean. She’s also invited to bless private wells and ponds.  Kim is a Mentor Doula with Salt Spring Doula Collective, Saltspringdoulas.ca  She is a Reiki Master and has a Crystal Light Chakra Healing Bed.  She is a Co Facilitator of Salt Spring Women’s March, every January 20th.  She is also a member of a group of passionate folks who are working diligently to bring Fibre Optics to each home on the island where she lives.
For many years she was an Affirmation Coach and Hot Stone Massage Practitioner.  Kim is a mom of 2 precious daughters in their 20’s and their sweet Chocolate Lab, Hana.
Kim enjoys the exquisite beauty of life and all the gifts each day brings. She loves playing her Heart Harp to the Eagles and their babies, whales and dolphins and all life at her special spot on the Pacific Ocean.


Our Relationship With Water