At Center for Conscious Kids, we are often asked….What is Conscious Living?

And then asked…  What makes a Conscious Kid?  Conscious Family?  School?  Company? Community? Country? A Conscious World?

According to Google  con·scious is defined as:


adjective: conscious

  1. aware of and responding to one’s surroundings; awake.
  2. Synonyms, having the knowledge of something
  3. Aware, awake, alert, responsive, sentient,
  4. Mindful, sensible, painfully aware of
  5. Deliberate, intentional, intended, purposeful, knowing, considered, willful, planned, volitional, “a conscious effort”

Likewise, we are here to “share” and connect Schools, Services, Health Practitioners, Events, Foods and many other aspects of Conscious Living to the families that need them.  We believe this contributes to creating a Conscious World.

How do you define Conscious Living?

We define Conscious Living as being aware of ourselves, others and the world we live in, and showing honor and reverence for nature and all people on the planet.  We look for and list businesses and organizations that are guided by these principles.  (If you have a business to recommend please let us know here.)

At Center for Conscious Kids, increasing awareness of health and happiness is our goal.  We connect families to conscious businesses to promote a life full of enthusiasm, support and compassion for all.  We believe in providing avenues to growth and expansion and illuminating all possibilities!

We invite you to look through the Center for Conscious Kids website to learn more. Submit ideas for growth. Participate in the change you wish to see!


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