Whether we realize it or not and whether we are intending it to happen or not, our unpleasant feelings or pleasant ones project energetically out into the world and into others around us.  For example, we often think we are hiding our feelings from others and when we do this, we tend to project uncomfortable feelings.  Or in other words, those uncomfortable emotions are the feelings that most others pick up on first.

Let’s look a little deeper about why this occurs from the perspective of ourselves. Take a moment to notice how we are feeling about ourselves, others and life’s circumstances and how these perspectives dramatically influence our own lives and the lives of those around us!

What do I mean by this?

Have you ever been in a “salty” mood and seen how it affects others around you, including yourself?  These moods we have from time to time affect our emotional energies and the energies of others!

Or when I am mad or upset about another, isn’t it their fault?  How does this affect me?  It affects you tremendously, when a part of us believes that Others and Life Circumstances ARE the Source of our uncomfortable feelings. When we believe they are the source of our feelings…. Well, then where do we need to go to heal those feelings? We go to them or that circumstance to correct our feelings. When we cannot correct them or the circumstance, then how do we feel? Powerless! Over time and as the sense of powerless builds, then we begin to develop patterns of blaming and trying to control all of situations outside of us.

Instead, the higher emotional wisdom truth is really – We ARE the Source of our Feelings. We create them. Since we create them, who can heal them, WE can! When we can heal our feelings, this is where we own our Power to create the changes in our lives we wish to see.

Whether we are having pleasant or unpleasant feelings… Let’s calm the energetic and stinging affects we have on others and the world around us by maybe, leaving flowers in the wake of our Footsteps!

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