The Flow of Energy Creates Love in Everything We Bake!

Noris’ commitment is to put the “Art” back into Artisan Bread!

To taste something joyfully hand-made touches and satiates the soul.

Passionate Pursuit

My passion for bread began on a trip to New York City back when I was a teenager visiting family. There, I had a slice of NY pizza from a small shop that didn’t even have a store entrance; only a window facing the street to order.

Wow, it was amazing! The flavor, the crispy crust, and it’s ability to hold it’s shape despite it’s large size, totally opposite of what I had experienced back home in California!

So, I began researching on how to create the perfect pizza crust and realized the biggest factor in flavorful and beautifully textured crust was the dough fermentation process that old world bakers used back before commercial yeast existed.

Not only did it make great pizza, but also great bread! Skipping ahead many years later, and after countless trials and errors, I finally got good at baking. Now, I continue to experiment, finding new combinations of flour, grains and toppings to evoke those same joyous feelings I had in NYC for my customers to enjoy!

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