What a crazy world we are living in right now. In the United States, as our new president takes office, I feel like our world got turned upside down. Can we take a moment, send breath and compassion to turbulent thoughts we might have, then proceed to make a change? We see the wisdom in waiting until our children have shifted out of fight or flight, before we problem solve. Can we follow through and do the same we ask of our kids? Expressing feelings inside is awesome! Yes Yes Yes! But what then? What can we do?
Where do we start? Shall we look inside? How can you support yourself to be all that you can be? What does your self care look like? What about outside of us? How about supporting your child or loved ones to be all they can be? Can we be a divine witness for them? How about supporting schools of any type or thought in holding of utmost importance a great sense of compassion and understanding towards your fellow student or teacher? AND holding yourself and your healthy boundaries as equally important. How about writing our local representatives and sharing what you feel and what you want! How about investing your buying power into companies that hold as important our mother earth, fair trade and other conscious ideals…Compassion and understanding of our people, our planet. We are all one, all together in this! Let us be the energy we want. Let compassion rise!