Ofkje Teekens is a Jungian Psychologist/Transformational Teacher/Life Shift Coach, Talent Coach & Trainer.  She studied Dutch Linguistics at Utrecht University, worked for years in secondary education, and experienced great success when working as a founder of her Institute For Learning Disabilities in The Hague for over 30 years.

During these years, she wrote 15 schoolbooks on Dutch grammar which are being used in many schools in the Netherlands. She also wrote a book on Learning Disabilities.

Ofkje studied Jungian psychology, trained as a Talent Coach, and developed the coaching-games Young Talent, Life-Blossom, Life-Shift and Life-Web.

Recently she introduced a new series of Coaching Card Games, called ‘Eye-openers’ with themes like ‘Self-Compassion’, ‘Life-Shift’ and ‘Burn Out’, with more to come.
In addition she also developed the card deck ‘Archetypes & Talents’ to help people meet their Archetypes, explore their talents and find their mission in life’.
She travels the world as a transformational teacher and a Life-Shift coach to help people transform their lives.

At the moment she is working on/ participating in four forthcoming books on ‘Life-Shift’, ‘Speaking from out Hearts 3’, ‘Talents & Archetypes (The Talent Trail)’ and ‘Manifesting Love.’

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