Nurturing Children: Mind, Body, and Spirit   
by Eva Goulette 

“My vision of the world includes conscious kids making intelligent decisions for themselves and the world around them as we teach them how to nurture their spirit within.”  — Eva Goulette

The spirit within each of us contains a small, quiet voice: our intuition. This voice can also be referred to as our higher self or higher consciousness. When we turn off or stop listening to the voice within, we lose our connection to the deepest part of who we are.

As awakened adults, we have an opportunity to teach our children how to nurture their spirit, that wonderful essence that makes each child a unique, beautiful individual. When children are encouraged to trust their intuition, honor their truth, and speak from the heart rather than learning to use a set of rules to navigate the ups and downs of life, they can develop their inner compass and trust themselves to make choices in high school and beyond that will sustain them.

We Are Made Up of Energy

We can use the analogy of plumbing to help children understand how to work with the energy in their bodies. In our homes, we know that water is in the pipes, but in order to access it we must turn the faucets on and off. To access the energy in our bodies, we learn to turn our energy faucets on and off. When children learn that they have an energy system in their bodies mobilized by chakras that they can open and close, they are empowered by discovering a nurturing way to shift their experience from one that feels “yucky” to a more enjoyable place they have some control over. A child who learns to do this for him/herself also helps to shift the dynamics of any situation around them as well.

When given the opportunity to learn new tools for exploring their own energy and nurture their spirit within, children thrive!

Zipping Up The Chakras

Children love utilizing this tool because it empowers them with a simple, effective way to protect themselves from negative energy.  Imagine there is an invisible zipper in front of the body from the area of the root chakra (located at the base of the spine) all the way up to the crown chakra (located just above the top of the head).  When in the presence of negative energy, children can use their hands to mimic the action of pulling up the invisible zipper to seal off the chakras.   This movement prevents the negativity from penetrating their body.

Discovering A Connection to the Natural World

When children become aware of their internal energy system and their external auras, they are able to understand on a deeper level what is meant by the expression “the web of life.” Everything in the world is made up of energy, just as they are, so connecting energetically to the intelligence of a tree becomes possible. Ask a child to sit with his or her back against a tree for several minutes with eyes closed, and they will feel the energetic connection kinesthetically. As these children grow up into adults who comprehend the importance of caring for Mother Earth, we can begin to imagine a different kind of world.

Ways of Coping

Lucy was 13 when her grandmother, who was central in Lucy’s life, suffered a stroke and did not recover. She had a few days to live. Instead of resorting to her usual coping method of cutting herself, Lucy asked her mother if the family could hold a fire ceremony in her grandmother’s honor. She asked each of her siblings to write a letter to their grandmother. At the end of the fire ceremony, Lucy instructed her siblings to throw their letters into the fire and the smoke would carry their words up to heaven. When her grandmother crossed over, letters from her grandchildren were waiting for her, and Lucy had a way to cope with her grief.

Working With Power Animals

It’s an honor to witness a child’s excitement as they realize they can expand their awareness beyond the five senses. Most children love animals, starting with their attachment to their favorite stuffed fuzzy toy at an early age. When children are introduced to the concept that they have a power animal, similar to a guardian angel that helps them throughout life, they are excited to learn its identity. Children can be taught how to identify their power animal, and thrive when given the opportunity to venture into imaginary realms with an ally that brings them confidence, a sense of security, and stability. Children are thrilled to discover that a power animal can be of service to them when struggling with an issue that is difficult to deal with.

Expanding Awareness of Peace

The Peace Breath is a technique that children can use to navigate difficult relationships. After inhaling deeply, the child exhales and whispers the word “peace,” envisioning Mother Earth or someone they are having a conflict with while sending them peace. In this way, children learn that love changes the dynamics of relationships, not hate or anger. As we teach the children in our lives about finding their spirit within, we are setting the stage for a world that will shift energetically as it fills with human beings who have learned a new set of internal tools for creating their lives.


Eva Goulette is a shamanic practitioner and founder of Dancing Jaguar’s Spirit Camp, a program that offers children an opportunity to experience a deeper awareness of self and spirit while they are having fun and playing games. Using teachings from many holistic healing modalities, Eva created a child-friendly curriculum that is fun, entertaining, and educational.

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