Meet Your Archetypes

Imagine you walk the street and someone yells at you: ‘Watch out, there’s an archetype behind you, ready to meet you!’ Doesn’t that sound scary and funny at the same time? For what’s an archetype? And is this passerby seeing ghosts?

Well, yes and no. Meeting your archetypes is a psychological reality, rooted in the collective unconscious and connected with your soul. Hundred years ago the concept of the archetype was developed by the Swiss psychologist Carl Gustav Jung. Since then, several authors and psychologists have further elaborated the concept of archetypes. Archetypes, you may say, are the mirror of the soul. By connecting and exploring your archetypes, you discover your (hidden)talents, your mission in life and most of all: your true self.

For you have, just like everyone else, a unique set of archetypes surrounding you. They are your (hidden) companions on the way. Archetypes are a format as well as a potential. They will support you and they can guide you. Some of them you already know; because you know they are there, intuitively.
Like the Father or the Mother, the Musician or the Dancer.
But mind you: it is not about talent, a profession or something you are good at. It is so much more than that. It is passion, interest and attitude and together, working in perfect harmony, your archetypes present you the blueprint of your true self and your mission in life. So, reason enough to meet your archetypes!
But discovering and exploring your archetypes may bring a surprise. Because most people work with only a few archetypes in their daily life; some archetypes may even be quite dominant. When you re-connect with your inner self, your soul, you might just find some hidden talents that are still part of you, but you chose to forget about them.
It may be archetypes that were once your companions in your youth. It can be the Artist, or the Writer or the Cook. What happened to them? You can – intuitively – connect with your ‘inner child’ and ask. The answer may surprise you! And isn’t it time to invite these ‘hidden’ talents back into your life? Integrating these archetypes will certainly bring more balance and fulfillment in your life.
But there is more. As your archetypes are directly connected to your inner world and your soul, they may also be the key to your mission in life.
So, consider your archetypes your true companions; they are your personal treasure-box.
I invite you to open this treasure-box, to connect with your archetypes, and to work with them in real harmony. For together you can work miracles.

Ofkje Teekens

Talent Coach / Trainer
Transformational Teacher

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