Meditation is more than just the “practice of stillness,” it comes ancient traditional practices of yoga and self-reflection. The original word for mediation comes from a Sanskrit word, “Dhyana,” meaning an uninterrupted state of mental concentration upon a single object: higher contemplation.

Over the past decades, meditation across the West and parts of the World has the lost the purpose and respect for this traditional and significant practice. Meditation is a self-practice that needs no help or aid and comes from the desire within oneself to reflect among the uncomfortable issues that cause ones to own suffering. Creating this daily practice in your Life, no matter what age you are, brings forward opportunities of profound insight and transcendence.


In practice, Dhyana is a practice that an individual becomes self-absorbed into an object, not in terms of vanity, but instead focusing your mind on a person, object, or place so intensely that you merge your conscious as that object. It can seem like a complicated practice, yet with an open mind, the practice of Dhyana illustrates how humans can again feel attached and one with the world that is inside them and is around them.

For many, the idea of not belonging or not having a place in this world comes from the beliefs of feeling separate with the world. With meditation (Dhyana), the practice offers a way to feel whole again and reconnect with the inner and outer worlds we experience everyday.

By stilling your mind, releasing our doubts and our busy minds to a comfortable place, creates the silencing in your mind and clarity of thoughts begin to come in to focus. When stillness of the mind occurs, we wholeheartedly can steer our being into feeling connected to the world around us; thus releasing pain, suffering, and anxiety.

To experience life more peacefully and feel life as a flow in your life, rather than a tug o war, meditation can re-center your mind and create a conscious awareness, which supports you in recognizing the connectivity of life and relieve tension that builds within our bodies when we begin to lose sight of how truly connected we are to each other and all in the world.

We invite you, to celebrate YOU everyday with Meditation!

Mother and Daughter, enjoying Life together with Meditation!

Join Ashley and Lauren Lee as they share the experiences of a family meditating creates harmony with ourselves inside the Family Household

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