Malia Johnson The Island Girl


Hello, my name is Malia Johnson. I have been playing ukulele for ten years and guitar for the past year. My love for the ukulele first took off at the age of five. My journey of becoming a musician at Roy Sakuma Studios, where took my first ukulele lesson. Since then I have been hooked on music, and I dream of having a full-time career as a musician, sharing my life and music to who all want to hear.


Malia’s Journey


Over the past year, I have been increasingly been seeking and pursuing a life full of music and kindness. I have recently made my own album called, “Reflections, which is available on Apple Music and Spotify. All of the songs on the album are original songs, that I drafted and developed the music for. Working with a local studio I released my album to share with the world. Now, I am playing local gigs in my hometowns, I am hoping that one day I will be able to share my love for music and people, by playing for larger audiences across the nation, and perhaps around the world.


Currently, I am looking to raise money through my music to enable me to travel and spread my music. My eyes are set for Italy to travel, and see a world larger than I can imagine.  


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Malia Johnson, The Island Girl