Kate Von – “Eat HAPPY Food!”

Kate von Schledorn, or commonly known as Kate Von, grew up in a traditional family in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. She has been recognized by her entertaining performances on the Food Network, has been quoted on her expertise in numerous publications and is currently launching her own multi-media platform!
Kate was home schooled as a child, learning LIFE skills that took her beyond books- and eventually around the globe!  Over the past decade, Kate has partnered with some of Hollywood’s biggest celebrities, high powered business people, politicians and icons. Kate shares healthier cooking methods, she inspires a lifestyle of sustainability, teaches daily rituals and guides others into mindfulness- ultimately, creating a life to love!

How she started fresh…

As a young person, Kate developed food sensitivities to wheat, gluten, dairy, oats and sugar. This is what cultivated her interest on why certain foods made her feel sick and how food choices were impacting her overall health. Kate learned how to cook from scratch, using fresh ingredients, and vegetables that were grown in her Dads garden. She read books on healthier alternatives to everyone’s favorite foods, like making chocolate pudding out of avocados.
Over the past decade, Kate has studied holistic nutrition in depth, and her career has succeeded by sharing what has helped her heal. As a “Food Guru”, Kate has observed the need in our culture for healthy fresh food and has collaborated to develop delicious products that will enhance the lives of everyone. Kate believes that all people need nutrient dense foods that are accessible for on-the-go lifestyles.

Why Kate Von?

Kate Von is one-of-a-kind!
Change your habits- energize your life! A culture rich in diversity where food and lifestyle IS the medicine.
The Huffington Post interviewed her and wrote about Kate as, “a refreshing blast, filled with laughter, fun and authenticity.” She adds VALUE to people’s lives, by educating on WHAT choices need to be made to improve energy, balance the brain and HOW to achieve happiness. Kate‘s message inspires all, she finds humor in topics that everyone is curious.
Kate‘s dream is to reach and help as many people as she can to inspire a happy existence, through a conscious lifestyle, and she genuinely means it- from her heart!

Passion into action! Kate sees the cultural crisis in American people as an imbalance and she provides solutions. She has worked with cancer patients, obesity, brain hyperactivity (ADHD), eating disorders, detoxification, diabetes, heart disease, chronic fatigue, menopause, prenatal, post-natal, and much, much more!

Kate creates positivity and shares her story to activate people into action.  Sheknows that food and lifestyle practices are the fundamental elements of creating success on every level.

Working with Kate Von

Working within a private home, Kate’s specialties include:

  • Ensuring all dietary needs are exceeded and the healthiest cuisine is served to fuel the body, mind and spirit. Purveying local foods that are organic and preservative free. 
  • Nutritional Consulting, specializing in custom dietary plans, including clinical nutrition. 
  • Traveling with clients to ensure all special needs are met while on holiday, business or pleasure. 
  • Designing personalized detox programs, weight-loss and cleansing regimens based on individual goals.
  • Improving any imbalances by observing lifestyle habits, and making positive suggestions as needed. 
  • Grocery store tours, educating you on how to read labels, what brands to buy, and answering questions.
  • Pantry cleaning, full organization, labeling and starting FRESH. 
  • Planning private parties, based on the Healthy Happy Hour concepts, including hiring and designing the look for special events. 
  • Educating personal chefs by teaching them how to prepare nutritionally dense culinary foods, including which oils to use, working with spices and techniques that will optimize their duties as personal chefs. 
  • Cooking with kids, including teaching food handling techniques, simple meal preparations, and most importantly, getting them excited about HEALTHY and FUN food! 

In a home setting, Kate with celebrate with you when your personal health goals are attained. Being part of the process and standing strong for others to reach their best self is what brings Kate the most happiness. Whether you’re overcoming cancer or wanting to loose weight, the possibility of your best you is created. With her support, Kate’s clientele is willing to take on the challenge, committed to living a life to love and most importantly, they take responsibility for their well-being. Integrity is of utmost importance in her work and all client exchanges are confidential.

Learn more about Kate‘s services by visiting www.katevon.com!


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