Why Improving Student Learning With Remote Energy Healing Transmissions is Effective for Children:

Brain integration is profound for improving students learning and has been widely researched and documented. At the Brain Integration Institute, we’ve taken brain integration to a whole new level by applying advanced energy healing concepts to the principles of brain and nervous system integration.

Our program of Empowerment Sessions for Students is not “one and done process”. To be clear, students, regardless of the age, are not robots who can be fixed with a handful of sessions. Children need support and integration through in-the-moment conversation with siblings, parents and teachers. They need to continue practicing developing skills in the areas that are difficult for them.

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Whole Body Support

Remote transmissions of advanced energy healing offer relief from stuck mental, emotional, physical and sometimes spiritual energies. These stuck energies act as road blocks or speed bumps to brain and nervous system processing. When these undesirable energies are moved out of the body, healing occurs on a multitude of levels. These levels could be described as improved social interactions and behaviors, increased processing time, enhanced athletic ability and greater access to richer creative insights. This form of support is deeply effective and nourishing to the mind, body and soul.

By improving students learning, brain remodeling happens naturally. With regards to neuropathways between the hemispheres of the brain there is opportunity for correcting chaotic, improper, weak or absent pathways. Existing pathways can be strengthened and additional connectivity to all parts of the brain can be heightened resulting in better cognitive function, speech, vision, auditory processing and gross and fine motor abilities.

Reduction in Learning Differences or Disabilities

We are excited to report that many of our clients state that they have experienced significant reductions or remediation in learning difficulties and disabilities. For example, sensory motor and integration is enhanced after a just a few sessions. Reductions occurred in social/emotional outbursts. Parents report that their children developed confidence in learning, application of learning and reduced anxiety during testing.



Creating Synergy Between Parents and Children

We suggest parents receive these Empowerment Sessions along with their kids as this will allow them to experience the positive benefits and increase the perception of what the child is experiencing. This in turn will help reinforce the parent’s understanding of what their child is receiving and help them facilitate conversations for personal growth.

Creating synergy between parents and their children, by improving students learning through advanced energy healing, deepens the bond between them.

Conclusion About Improving Students Learning Via Remote Transmissions

It’s always the right time to improve students learning. Although we launch this program every September to coincide with the start of the school year, your child can join in at any time(*). We broadcast our remote transmission on a regularly scheduled date each month. Our sessions are ordered to support children with routine and time changes, such as daylight savings and ending holiday free time. We support children in such a way that stress is reduced in making daily and hourly transitions, and new social connections with peers and teachers is easier. Our goal is to improve students learning by clearing a path for them to stand in their power, be independent, confident and compassionate to others. We believe that when energetic roadblocks are removed, learning can become more effortless and enjoyable.

Here is a link to our online program with more detailed information about each session. The program is priced so that parents and children participate together. We look forward to supporting your student and improving their learning abilities. To listen to the podcast on this topic, please click here. improved students learning, happy children

(*) Purchase of a single session is available here. Purchase of a single session results in being included in the next scheduled session on our calendar.

Warmest regards,
Ashley & Annie
Brain Integration Institute Founders and Advanced Energy Healers

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