The Practice of Hawaiian Chanting with Kahuna Wisdom

Hawaiian Chanting or “OLI” as it is known in Hawai’i is something that both the Kahuna and the Kumu Hula did, along with their Haumana or students, and all native Hawaiian practitioners learn to help give them access to knowledge and wisdom, and even protection and assistance from the Spiritual Realms. Ancient Gods and Goddesses, Ancestors, even other sources of Divine love and Wisdom can be accessed by using words in the form of Chants.

I am grateful to have had another opportunity to do a Podcast with Ashley Lee, my great friend, fantastic natural Healer, and very gifted and sensitive teacher of people from all walks of life, including and especially for “highly sensitive” children, teenagers, young adults and even older adults.  On this podcast, I will be teaching those who are listening some simple practices that I learned when I was a student and learning how to “Oli” with my Kumu, John Lake.  He taught us how to practice, and then through many different chants and ways to do the chanting, connect with aspects of our innate inner guidance.  I love doing this work, chanting, visiting natural surroundings from the Mountains, valleys, rivers, streams and down to the sea.

Tune in here for my video podcast from a very powerful and special place called “Pu’uhonua o Honaunau,” – a place of refuge located in Honaunau on the south shores of Kona, on the Big Island of Hawaii. Here is the Aloha Chant spelled out practice and share with their keiki (children).


Akahai            =        Gentle

Lokahi            =        Harmony, unity

‘Olu ‘olu         =        Kind

Ha’a ha’a        =        Humble

Ahonui            =       Patient

Aloha e            =       3x’s


Akahai e na Hawai’I                        =          Gentle are the people of Hawai’i

Lokahi aku like                                =          They work together in Harmony and Unity

‘Olu ‘olu ka mana’o                         =          Kind are their thoughts

Ha’a ha’a kou ku lana                     =          Humble are their ways

Ahonui a lana kila                           =          Patience will lead to Victory!

Aloha e                                           =          Aloha to everyone.

Come an listen, enjoy, practice with me, and learn some simple chants that have a lot of meaning for the Native Hawaiian People.  You can find us on the “Center for Conscious Kids” FB page at the date and time above.   See you there.


Kahu Mark Manu Saito