Conscious parents create conscious children…

who will later become conscious adults. We, as parents today, have been given a sacred task to usher in a new generation filled with love, possibility, honor, and integrity. To bring in the light to shine on the darkness we see when we look out our doors or broadcasted on our screens. The old is falling away but not without fighting for its last breath. It, just like our own darkness, wants to be acknowledged, seen, heard, honored, and released back into the whole. So how do we manage all our tasks, 3D responsibilities, while being present with this holy duty to create a more peaceful and love-filled world? This a big question and I’m not going to say I have the answer because I don’t. What I can share with you are a few of the ways I support parents and my own children to discover their own light, their truth, and trust they have the answers within them as we have our answers within us.

Be the Best You, you can be! – Kids today (as in previous generations) are constantly in comparison mode. They are looking for validation, approval, and a sense of belonging. By teaching our children to simply be themselves, let their uniqueness shine, and by comforting them when they receive any push-back from life, we are helping them to build this very important muscle.

Enjoy the ride! – What lights up your child? What gets them excited? What is their favorite way to fuel themselves? To use their creativity? What do they rarely ever if ever get bored doing? By becoming a JOY detective we are doing a few very important things. We are focusing on the good, we are emphasizing the importance of that good, and we are gearing our attention toward their strengths and interests.

Love, Love and more Love – When I have asked parents who have raised caring, compassionate, independent and conscious adults into being what they think contributed the most to their success, Love is always in their response. They loved them through praise and through consequences, they loved them through their growth edges and loved them as their unique expressions of their own individual true natures. We don’t ask an acorn to become a palm tree so when we love our children unconditionally for who they are we see them bloom into their own with dignity and awareness that they are perfectly imperfect exactly as they are. 

Thank you for doing your part to make the world a better place in your own kitchens and living rooms. Thank you for taking on this sacred journey of parenthood as challenging and overwhelming as it can feel at times. I truly believe our inner matches our outer and I do my best to impart this personal truth to my big and little ones so they know that by honoring their inner being they too are making the world a better place.

Enjoy my Podcast on the subject of “Supporting Children Energetically

From my Heart,

Tanja James, Energy Healer

Enjoy our Podcast on the subject of “Supporting Children Energetically

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