Helping parents is our Community’s mission. Our Center for Conscious Kids’ Community, is an online resource hub of recommended Conscious Living health practitioners, businesses that promote conservation and recycling, and services that provide alternative living styles. We boost the lives of your family and community by providing conscious life choices at your fingertips online as a Conscious “Living” data source.  Our Community that supports Conscious Living also includes live events and practitioners listed who can help every part of your child’s daily life in your town and through long-distance media platforms.*  Center for Conscious Kids is easy to use to locate a conscious provider, business or services and is a recommended way for kids to ask their parents how to find them more resources to be all of who they are and how they would like to express in the World. Our resource listings provide parents, teens, kids, grandparents, aunts, and uncles with conscious minded, recommended providers and services.  

In our community, we have super empowered resources handpicked and recommended by many conscious families.  In this world, we all are looking for the important events, foodways, camps and school vacation programs, relationship building and that compliments our choices each week to grow our families while giving service to us, ourselves and humanity.

In our second year of growth, we are creating and introducing Community Events including kids meditation, kids and teens mixing it up in the kitchen and chef spotlights for building relationships with your kids and teens through cooking together.  We have created many ways to interact through our two Social Media Facebook groups Center for Conscious Kids and Conscious Kids:  Being ALL You Can Be – fueling conscious living in your family with our family recommended resources. We provide other social media platforms of Instagram, Twitter, and Google+.

On our website at have great categories to search by Health, Programs, Events, Schools and Food in our listings.  We need your help in growing our community at Center for Conscious Kids by recommending a Business, Service or Provider.  As you scroll down the page at Center for Conscious Kids, a Blue Box appears that says Recommend A Provider, please click in the box and fill the prompted information that is sent to us through email. Center for Conscious Kids then contacts that conscious business, service provider or nonprofit. Here sharing your favorite conscious business or service such as a family conscious Pediatrician, Restaurant, Conservatory, School grows our community then impact helping other families through your referral and confidence.

Our website has Blogs, Videos and Podcasts found on the Navigation Bar of the Center for Conscious Kids’ home page.  Examples of our LIVE Conscious Living Podcasts are at the Specialty Produce Network Studio in San Diego, CA.  You may find the video podcasts on our YouTube Channel Center for Conscious Kids.  We exist to discover and connect with natural, healthy and holistic businesses, services and providers.  We are looking forward to interacting with you!

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Ashley Lee, RN, BSN, CCRN

Founder of Center for Conscious Kids

*Long Distance Media Platforms:  Virtual or Remote Therapeutic Sessions, Video Conferencing, Webinars, Phone Consultations and many more.