Change Your Language and Change Your Life!

When I read Noah St. John’s book “Affirmations” my eyes opened to the power of asking “WHY” questions instead of just stating affirmations. After I read that book, I started saying to myself on a daily basis, “Why does this day keep getting better and better?” That is such a powerful question with so many legs to it! I’ll change it up and replace “day” with “week” or “month” or “YEAR!” It’s so much fun to say, “Why does this year keep getting better and better?” Because… as I change my language, my life changes!

When we ask that question, our subconscious mind begins searching all the files, stored memories, and experiences and goes out of its way to MAKE SURE your day, week, month, or year keep getting better and better.  It’s waiting for your commands, so focus your attention on what you WANT and watch it begin to show up for you!

Can you think of a DAILY MANTRA question like this one for you?  Feel free to use this one, because it’s so effective and EASY TO REMEMBER.

Here are some examples:

  • Time Challenged:
 Why do I have so much time?
  • Stressed Out: Why does my life flow so easily and I feel so relaxed?
  • Lack of Focus: 
Is what I’m doing right now moving my life forward?
  • Money Mindset:
 Why is it so easy for me to make money?
  • Low Self-Esteem: 
Why am I so confident and capable?

It may seem crazy, but this stuff works! By creating more awareness about the way you speak and ask questions, and by being INTENTIONAL with the questions you ask and the words you choose, you can shift what is occurring in your life. The difference between someone who says, “Why can’t anything ever go right for me?” versus “Why are things always working out for me?” is evident by what’s happening in their lives. So, what’s showing up for you?

Breaking old paradigms and programming that have been embedded in us for many, many years doesn’t happen overnight, but it does happen faster than you think.



Step one is creating awareness.

Step two is reframing the questions.

Step three is what shows up.


Start with these three tips, have fun with it (because life is supposed to be fun), and be easy on yourself when you first start doing this. It’s a new habit you’re creating, so give it a little time. And here’s the best part…you’ll gain greater self- awareness. That is always a good thing!


Intention Statement: I HAVE TODAY to…change my language and change my life!

Diane Forster – Intentional Living Expert

Learning to Live intentionally can be easier than once thought! Come enjoy our Podcast and experience how creating intentions changes our Lives.

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