Welcome to the Conscious Corner blog!  We hope to further educate our followers on the true meaning of conscious living and keep our community up to date with the latest holistic information.  Our aim is to guide parents, caregivers and children to engage in the wonder and excitement of the world they truly wish to consciously create.

Center for Conscious Kids

Hello and welcome, I am Ashley Lee, the founder of Center for Conscious Kids!  I am an advanced Pediatric Energy Healer with a full time practice in Encinitas, California called Ashley Lee Healing. I specialize in working with highly sensitive children and their families. My goal in my Pediatric Advanced Energy Healing Practice is to help children embrace the true expression of themselves!

Through my practice I have worked to heal sensitive children and families from around the globe and the transformations have been amazing!   However, after their transformational healing process I discovered a need to connect these new enlightened families to the resources they need to support their new conscious lifestyle.  I saw a need to create an Online Resource Center that supported them in finding the schools, programs, health practitioners, events and places to go to continue to develop and fully embrace their new freedom of expression.  Thus Center for Conscious Kids was born!

Our mission is to help children and families connect to the places that will help them lead a conscious life and develop skills and experience in conscious awareness and communication. This space provides resources to support children across all domains and developmental needs: scholastic, physical, cognitive and social-emotional. These resources are intended to support the true expression of themselves, their families and their community.


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