Join us Thursday night, August 30th at 6:30 PM for this Falling in Love with YOU Moms in Transition Workshop hosted by Amanda Marie Masters and Marcy Morrison.

Are you a mom that is ready to make change in your life whether your children are in the home or have left the nest? Are you looking for a community of women that are moving through transition together and here to support your dreams, passions, and aspirations?

This workshop is tailored for you. We are building a community of women who are ready to make the shift into personal power through their passions and purpose, a new way of experiencing themselves as an empowered woman that is ready to engage this creative and passionate aspect of her being.

It is about learning to open your heart and deeper aspects of who you are to rediscover your passions/gifts/and love for life! We thrive together in this space as a sacred container for sharing and supporting one another.

This is an experiential workshop that is focused on how to love the Self unconditionally and release beliefs/emotions/patterns of guilt, shame, resentment and denial of your own Feminine Power, Intuition and Healing.

We will focus on how to love the Self as we journey into self-discovery and how to apply this awakened part of ourselves to our lives in a new way.

This Workshop is going to be hosted on Thursday night, August 30th at 6:30 at the Global Heart Sanctuary in Solana Beach! Hope to see you there!

What to Expect:

  • Stories shared self-discovery and witnessing the awakening of other women on their path.
  • Self Reflection and Self Discovery exercises to invoke the feminine power within you creating a connection between the current You and your True Divine Nature.
  • “Awakening to YOU” Guided Meditation.
  • Women sharing their stories for support in Circle.
  • Establish steps to take to begin shifting your life now.
  • Learn daily tools to feeling whole and accepted and loved by YOU.

We want to create a community of loving and supportive women who want to connect in a deep and compassionate way as we bridge the creative feminine power during this great time of shift on our planet.

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