Accessing Elementals through the Gong

Around the globe, we access the elements of Mother Nature through our Hearts.


Elements in Iceland

In Iceland, we have a saying… “if you don‘t like the weather, just wait a minute.“

It is always changing! The gong is an instrument of accessing elementals and initiate change or movement in the core of stagnant energy through the gong‘s vibration

We experience and make use of the elements every day, like everywhere else on the planet. The summer is fiercely bright and the day is very long. You can watch the sunset and sunrise at the same time, where they meet on a mountaintop to say hello to each other before sunrise heads back up to serve the long day ahead. Quite magical. In the winter we only have 4 hr daylight time so there is not much heat from the sun, but we do have geothermal heat. Hot water coming straight from the veins of Mother Earth, running through the heaters in our houses and showering our bodies with warm water. This is vital for us in the cold wintertime. The Northern lights and the Fairy lights in December are our brightness, our light, powered by electricity that is produced sustainably, thanks to the excess amount of water and waterfalls in the country. The blue liquid gold. And yes, we do believe in Fairies. Iceland is all about sustainable energy and our aim is to work in cooperation with the elements. 

Uniting Forces

Iceland is divided by the Mid-Atlantic Rift, it lies right on top of a line where the two continental plates meet, the North American and the Eurasian. It is truly a place where two worlds meet. Iceland has strong and active volcanoes, bringing tremendous heat and fire out from the surface when one of the volcanoes erupts. Creating sharp awareness among the inhabitants of the ultimate power that Mother Earth has over us. It is a country with no army and the highest number of gender equality in the world. Making less and less distinction between genders and minority groups. Uniting forces. It is also a country of extremities in many ways, where glaciers meet volcanoes and day and night switch roles every year. Nature is very strong and present here. 


Born and raised here I hold this energy in my heart. The energy that is ever-changing like the seasons, fierce, strong, honest, open and loving, above all. I have always been drawn to change as a concept, or maybe even further: transformationthe dramatic change of something or initiationthe action of starting something or being „reborn“ into a new role. Change can happen in all sorts of ways and one of them is through infusion, as you infuse your work with whatever it is that you want to see expand and grow. Maybe love hope, curiosity or simply a deep desire to see people and nations grow and prosper. 

The renewal of our energy like the ever running waterfalls in Iceland is vital for us all, our aim should be to find a sustainable way to keep it running at all times and not get depleted somewhere along the way. How would you like to feel the energy of your heart? Like a volcano, fertile soil, waterfall or maybe a mild summer breeze? Close your eyes and give it a thought for a moment. 

In Synchrony with the Elementals

Breaking down old walls and stirring up stagnant patterns, energy and compounds are vital if this planet with all its inhabitants is to thrive. Creation means movement and we need that force to fully blossom. Releasing bonds to make new connections, like electrons in atoms, and making new compounds that can release energy, create heat, movement, change. This is about creating new possibilities. We need that flow, that circulation if we are to be able to live here. These facts make change both easier and more relevant, there is a purpose behind what we commit to and change is always going to happen, as it is quite ironically the only constant in life. The question is where the change will eventually lead us and how it is performed, whether it is sustainable or not and if we feel in sync with it. We all know that one of the scariest things that the human can experience is a change from plan A to plan B, or C or even Z if we get down to it, which was never really in the game in the first place – we thought. 

The Gong’s Vibrations

How does all of this relate to the gong? The gong is an instrument that is designed to access and initiate change or movement in the core of stagnant energy. Blockages and wounds that never seem to heal because they reach so deep beneath the surface, can be accessed through the gong‘s vibration. And according to all laws of physics, everything in this universe is vibrating, in constant motion. The waves from the gong don‘t ask for permission before they enter. They aim to heal and finetune our frequency, no matter what, although we might neither see nor accept it when they do. The gong is an extremely powerful tool and if used with a clear and serviced based agenda, it delivers amazing results. Combined with meditation and a clear focus on what one wants to open up to, have or feel in life gives even stronger experiences, an initiation if you will. One can be deeply touched by this vibration and it can prove to be a turning point or a shift in the energy of the heart. 

Activation of the Heart to Access Elementals


We are all made up of elements, which either work together in a harmonious and sustainable cycle as we stand strong in our purpose and light, or they lie dormant and wait silently for their activation to serve the whole. How are your elements doing today, what does your heart tell you? The thing is that this activation, or change that we so desperately often desire also happens to be the very thing that we frighten the most. As they say, everything you want is on the other side of fear. Activation requires us to release the grip of control and face the unknown, which is often enough to freeze in our steps, back away and never come back. 


The Elements of Knowing

It is a game and we are all invited to join if we choose to by our own free will. So, you said “YES“, loud and clear. You played fair and square and have done most of your homework but still feel stuck in some place, stagnant and you can‘t see how to move forward in full awareness and joy. You miss feeling whole, you know you have come so far this lifetime but there is yet that one place that still needs fine-tuning within you. That is where the gong might come to great service, as mentioned before it reaches deep places, most often in the subconsciousness where we have somewhere along the way lost the key to the door of entrance. The word on the street is that the ancient gongs are reaching the surface again to help humanity cross a threshold within their hearts. They are here to serve us. Their focus is to still the busy mind and create space for deeper wisdom to emerge, the great Knowledge of the body and soul, the wisdom we cannot ignore if we are to live fully, in deep service and flow with our own divine nature. 

Áshildur Hlín Valtýsdóttir

ACC markþjálfi

B.Ed., Dip Pos.Psychology

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